Clear Glass – entirely distortion-free because of its precise surface flatness providing excellent through-vision images. It is fire-polished, exuding a far-more sparkling and brilliant luster.
Low Iron-Ultra Clear Glass– provides formative advantages in comparison with standard float glass. Particularly, it is characterized by a higher transparency and a more neutral color, making Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass ideal where high visibility and clarity are required.
Tinted Float Glass
      Tinted Glass – With its’ Elegant Bronze Tint, Bronzevue is highly suitable for the tropical climate. Elegantly appealing to the eyes
PANASAP – Tinted glass are transparent glass of various hues to suit your aesthetic needs. Absorbing 30-50% of the solar radiation heat transmitted through the glass, it lessens cooling load                                   and induces energy savings.
PANASAP Dark Gray Glass
                           PANASAP Dark Blue Glass
                           PANASAP Green Glass

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